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Clarion’s Ravensbury Regeneration Template

Clarion’s Ravensbury regeneration project aims to provide 180 new homes, equipped with private outdoor spaces, better vehicle and pedestrian access and a new community centre. Before Clarion started the project, they wanted to implement a tool that would allow them to think residents first. They leveraged ebrik’s brikBuild features to engage residents and off-plan homebuyers throughout the construction process.
Since Clarion launched their ebrik site, it’s garnered thousands of visits with an average dwell time of five minutes. 55% of residents in Ravensbury’s first phase have registered for an account, returning to the platform every two to three days on average. Clarion compared this level of engagement to an average attendance of 39 new people at face-to-face consultation meetings.

Features used:

Ravensbury case study

Ravensbury Live allows the Resident's from Ravensbury to follow the progress of their new homes!

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