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What is eBrik?

eBrik is a disruptive platform which establishes new channels of communication and transparency along the entire construction, sales and home buying journey.

I’m a Developer, how can eBrik help me?

Our products are designed to support and amplify our partner’s endeavors within each part of the traditional construction pipeline. Whether you use our BrikBuy, BrikBuild, or Brikcare solutions, we help you create a seamless and fully transparent construction and home-buying experience.

Getting started

Can you recommend any hardware/software dedicated to capturing time lapse videos or 360 image content?

Capturing time lapse video content is simpler than you think, all it requires is the right type of hardware/software to get started. In the event you’d like us to help you with capturing time lapse video or 360 image content, we offer this as an additional service here. If you’d like to discover how to do this yourself, we also have dedicated How-to guides to help you get started right here (add link). The guides outline our recommended hardware/software solutions that we personally use for capturing all our content!

Our platform

What’s the difference between your products?

Each of our 3 products are aimed at augmenting our partner’s efforts at various stages of the construction pipeline. Which product you eventually go for will depend on what areas of focus you may have.

BrikBuild helps you personalise the construction process to your customers, while also generating complete visibility over the build’s progress. We offer a content visualisation tool which allows you to remotely track construction and engage off-plan buyers from start to project completion. Explore the full power of brikBuild.

With BrikBuy, we allow you to humanise the digital showroom. Seamlessly invite your customers to virtual meetings where you can showcase your new developments in real-time during a personal consultation with the customer.

With BrikCare, we allow your customers to manage their property in an efficient and simple way, storing all of the most important details and information they may need all in one place.


How do I know which eBrik plan is right for me?

We’ve constructed our pricing plans to accommodate the multiple needs/objectives of our different partners. Some of our plans allow for greater scalability when it comes to how many projects and homes are viewable through our software, while other custom features are only available for more advanced tiers.

I’m a small developer, what eBrik plan do I need?

If you’ve just introduced yourself with our platform, and you’d like to get started monitoring 1 Construction Project, we recommend taking a look at our Essential Plan here.

What does the professional plan include?

Use our Professional Plan to monitor large-scale home developments across multiple projects, and manage your users and plots with our custom features. We also offer various engagement tools to help you connect with your customers in a more personalised way.

What does the enterprise plan include?

If you are looking for a completely bespoke solution, this is the Plan for you. We tailor our powerful suite of tools to match your needs and objectives before, during and after the construction process.

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