Creating transparency in construction

ebrik's suite of customisable templates follow the construction process from building to buying, digital sales and after care.


A unique building portal
Drag-and-drop templates to remotely track construction and engage off-plan buyers and residents throughout the building process

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The future of remote home buying
A virtual sales process making outreach, viewings and home buying as easy as an interactive video call

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Flipping housing admin on its head
Your construction fingerprints in one place – this is sales aftercare made easy

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Ravensbury case study

Discover how Clarion leveraged brikBuild to amplify their Ravensbury Regeneration Scheme.

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Why ebrik

Our full suite of applications have serviced some of the largest construction players in the industry to help streamline their building processes and increase their sale of off-plan homes several times over. Let ebrik take the complication out of development and selling at scale.

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